Saturday, 11 February 2012

Six Apple & Android Apps - worth developing Science lessons around

A selection of Six Mobile Phone Apps for iPhone and Android

Each of these could have potential use in Science lessons.
I hope, one day,  to put a few of them together into another post.
If you do it first, please let me know.

 Android Apps
 Possible Use in Science Lessons
 iPhone Apps

A timer to use in the lab.  When there aren't enough stopclocks to go round.  This timer could make good use of student phones
Capture Time Lapse videos - of slow experiments - where the phone is not in danger
Diabetes risk calculatorINSTALL 
This really simple application allows calculation of type 2 diabetes risk based on a few questions about age, gender, weight, height and lifestyle.
Diabetes Risk Calculator

By HealthApps

Diabetes risk calculator


Fooducate - Eat Healthy DietINSTALL
Diet without a diet: Scan a product with your phone, See what's inside, Make healthier choices! Don't Diet - Eat Healthy with Fooducate!


view in iTunes
View, rotate...3D models of molecules such as O2, Ozone...try it! 3D

viewer for Proteopedia

App Store - CMol

view in iTunes

The three primary colors of light -  synthesize a virtual experiment.  You can turn each colour on or off, and move them.

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