Wednesday, 29 February 2012

26 free online tools for educators - SimpleK12 Smackdown

Notes from SimpleK12 Webinar: Web Tool Smackdown: February 2012

Presented By: SimpleK12 (Kimberly)
Date: Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Time: 4:30 PM- 5:00 PM Eastern Time, USA

1. Edmodo, Collaborize Classroom, My Big Campus--all virtually do the same thing--safe classroom environment for posting assignments, quizes, polls, videos, students responses, collaboration, etc... 
  • My Big Campus provides some monitoring of possible cyberbullying content, etc...

2. For science teachers: , huge resource for multiple grade levels.  Check out the "science classroom" for lesson ideas geared towards upper elementary and middle school.   Also check out "Reference Desk"  for other resources and "Kid Zone" for links sorted by topic for learning.

3. -Convert your PDF files back to editable Microsoft Word documents - this is awesome!

5. - Virtual Museum

6. - voice recording for mini audio clips, can embed or email,  GREAT FOR ELL's!

7.  educreations -- :  free tutorial creation site, can save as lesson plans via web or ipad

8. Voki - --you can create talking avators; various languages; can embed; -- simplier version of Voki; you start with a photo and give a talking mouth to.  ELL use it to play back their speech...could be used in any language classroom

10. - teaching your children to type, if students login you can monitor their growth this would be great for teaching beginning typing does NOT require a student email address. The teacher portal is a fantastic way to monitor students progress.    records whatever you are doing on the screen has feature that draws attention to cursor

12. - quiz tutorial site; provides different language option, collects data for grades, mainly math, practice and drill with timers...
*******science- Carol W  facts

13. explore & document flora and fauna from around the worldmap viewing via location tagging learing about the world search location on project Noah Good for biome reports
******Randy- Caleb

14. visual gallery

15. - online questions and answers - voting on most correct answer
*******English??? for classroom website --in beta - classroom management tool Webinar on this in the community! youtube videos, convert documents (keynote to powerpoint, PDF to word document, etc.

18. has a lot of cool tools for interactive lessons and activities - Thanks Paula!
      The video console games work well with Quizlet.  You can export flashcards from Quizlet
       and then blow up the right answers.  The essay planning tools are useful too, and 
       Fakebook is a bit hit.

19. - web based exams
*** can give feedback---can not upload pictures unless paid account

20.  From Paula (from Canada): wifitti is a great site that allows student to text in their answers

21.  Generate flash cards of vocabulary words. Multiple quiz types can be created. My daughter used this throughout middle school to keep track of her vocab in all subjects. Karen D. - Mass.

22. - online sticky notes, great for collaboration, brainstorming

24. Edmodo - heard of this, but haven't used it yet.  Social networking sites for schools, looks like Facebook

25. flubaroo - add on in GoogleDocs

26. Qwiki - Qwiki is a platform that creates interactive, on-the-fly, multimedia presentations of information.

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