Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Teaching ideas - from a physics teacher

For more information about how people learn, I highly recommend two great FREE online books from the National Academies Press:

If you are a physics teacher, be sure to get these discipline specific books about how students learn physics:

And just in case you think I’m an armchair critic with nothing to contribute, I want you to know I’ve opened up my classroom to the whole world on myNoschese 180 blog, where I’ve been sharing a picture and a reflection from each school day.

Wisdom Begins with Wonder - and other blogs about science teaching


Friday, 25 November 2011

Free Technology for Teachers: Google Tutorials

Free Technology for Teachers: Google Tutorials: "Google Tutorials

Google Tutorials

This page contains some  tutorials for using Google tools.  Thanks Richard.

Google for Teachers

Google for Teachers II -

Google Earth Across the Curriculum -

Create and Publish a Quiz in Google Docs
Below I've embedded a slideshow with directions for creating and embedding quizzes using Google Forms, but here are a few points that should be emphasized.

1. Make sure the first question is "student name." Otherwise you won't know who submitted which answers.
2. You can mix question types (multiple choice, short answer, paragraph) but if you have too many types and too many students, the spreadsheet can become difficult to navigate.
3. When embedding the form into a blog, make sure you edit the width to fit within your blog's main column. You can use the same principles of editing the size of a YouTube video for editing the width of a spreadsheet.

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Breathe New Life Into Your PowerPoint Slides With Dozens Of Exciting Free Tools & Resources

Breathe New Life Into Your PowerPoint Slides With Dozens Of Exciting Free Tools & Resources

This is a great set of ideas for anyone wanting to look sharp using powerpoint.

This advanced set of templates contains two dozen striking animations and step-by-step instructions on how to recreate each of them with your own pictures and text

Slideshare Presentations Plus Audio
SlideShare is a popular free tool that lets you upload your PowerPoint decks and run them across the web. This SlideShare presentation explains how you can add audio to a SlideShare deck using the free applicationAudacity.

Check out Presentation Magazine for tons of tips, tricks, and templates:
This online magazine has lots of great resources focused on improving your PowerPoint presentations, such as:

Free Productivity Resources for Educators | Emerging Education Technology

Free Productivity Resources for Educators | Emerging Education Technology:

Activity & Materials Creators

Communications Tools (Print & Electronic)

Course Management Systems & LMS alternatives
(You have to register to use these tools, so you can save your own personalized content. Note that these tools are generally more involved than many of the other resources on this page. Some of them offer both paid and free functionality)


Educational Videos

Interactives (for White Boards, or Powerpoint)

iPhone, iPad, and Android Apps

Lesson Plans

Open Educational Resources

Quizzes & Tests
(These types of sites require sign up)


Social Learning & Collaboration


GENERAL RESOURCES (not intended just for educators)



Document Management

File Management

Group Projects

Literature Summary/Analysis

Mind Mapping

Online Interactive White Boards

Picture, Photo, & Image Editing & Organizing


  • Watch this video to learn about creating your own Custom Animations, and learn about many other free resources.
  • This tutorial from Online Tech Tips explains how to create slide transition automations using easy pre-configured tools in PowerPoint.
  • Click here to access a preconfigured search of Microsoft’s Office Site, set up to return dozens of articles with hundreds of free templates for PowerPoint.
  • provides tons of tips, articles, PowerPoint templates, and more

Screencasting & Presentations


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