Thursday, 15 September 2011

Making the interactive Whiteboard Interact #2

I never realised that interacting with the IWB could mean interacting with other teachers.

Setting up the Shared library to a location that my colleagues could use and downloading lots of free resources from Promethian Planet was the first step.  But to really interact with my colleagues I have to show how to set the profile in Active Inspire to the shared network folder.  Rather than writting lots of long explanations and filling a word document with screen shots, I made a video, using the Video capture tool of Active studio.

you can see the video here, if you really want to....

... it's boring, but shows all the steps of changing the location of the folder for shared resources quite clearly.

  • it's quicker to use shared resources than draw them
  • the periodic table is really quite good
  • it saves everyone in the department time downloading the resources themselves
  • I can use the same library in all the rooms I teach in.

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