Thursday, 15 September 2011

Making the Interactive Whiteboard Interact #1

It didn't need to be an interactive whiteboard but it was a very interactive start to a lesson.
I let students volunteer to draw a sketch of a cell organelle on the IWB, using two pens at once two students at a time and half the class had shared their knowledge (well a part of it) and we had found out that no-one could draw an IB standard sketch diagram of a chloroplast.  All in the first five minutes.
Handy things about using an IWB:
  • Students were keen to use the pen
  • I could easily resize and move diagrams that were too big
  • we have saved the work for a little reminder in a week.
  • we could duplicate the page and annotate the diagrams with functions of the organelles.
Would I repeat the activity, yes.

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