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IB Plants Topic - Flower Diagram Activities

Diagram activities 

A full set of resources for teaching about angiosperm flowers
  • A student activity sheet, with examiner's hints 
  • A short screencast explaning how to draw an angiosperm flower.
  • Flashcards to help students' learn the flower labels
  • A quick test of the labels & IB style questions, with answers
  • An arcade game to further consolidate learning


Play this screencast and complete the diagram activity sheet from the Resources above.

Learn the labels

Study the eleven flashcards and then take the Quick Test from the Resources above, or the self-marking online test.

Enjoy an educational game

A little fun and some instant feedback.  This game can be used on an interactive whiteboard, or competitively on separate computers. The top ten scores (from the last hour) appear in this frame once the game is over.

Direct web link to this game:

Teachers' notes

This page is part of a series of lesson resources for the diagrams of the IB syllabus.
The simple diagram is designed especially as one which is easy for students to replicate under exam conditions.  A more detailed diagram link is always given to support understanding and raise awareness of the beauty and complexity of biological systems.
Some students can learn a diagram and it's labels easily, but many students need help to remember the precise shapes and sizes of the parts of each diagrams, and they need practice to get the labels correct and to understand the labels.  The resources on this page aim to help teachers support these students.
There are many ways to use this page.
  • Students can work independently or as a group.
  • The resources can be projected in the classroom or studied on a computer.
  • Worksheets allow you to print as much or as little as you wish.  
  • Differentiation is possible, as students could follow their own learning pathways to the IB style questions.
A Suggested Lesson Plan.
Starter:  10 minutes
  • Students complete the Diagram Activity worksheet while watching the Screencast as a whole class.
Main:     40 minutes
  • Students study printed (or online) Flashcards to help memorizing of the labels
  • Students take a Quick test - to see how well they understand the labels
  • Students review the Screencast and attempt the diagram (with labels) from memory.
End:       10 minutes
  • Plenary - students play the arcade game to further consolidate learning
  • Differentiation - students who need additional time for main can continue independently.
Complete the IB style questions.
David Faure, 2012

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